Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shooting of Vikram's 'Bheema' has ended and is now ready for release. But it looks as if the film still has lots of problems to deal with. AM Rathnam had produced the film. On the day of the launch itself he had managed to sell the film at fabulous prices to distributors. He also had collected a very decent sum from them as advance.
But Mumbai-based Adlabs has now paid the entire expenses to Rathnam and has bought the film. With that trouble began for Rathnam.
The distributors who had paid him advance money for the broadcast rights now want him to either refund their advance or give distributorship rights to them. They say that if he fails to oblige, they'd see to it that the film doesn't hit the theatres at all. Rathnam doesn't want to take this threat lightly because his long-term reputation is at stake here.
Adlabs, owned by Anil Ambani, is very angry with Rathnam when they found out that he had already sold the rights to others and had cheated them by selling the rights to them too at an exorbitant price...

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