Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bheema Music Review

After Aparichitudu, Harris Jeyaraj and Vikram have come together once again and the past triumph plays a pivotal role in increasing the expectations on this album. In the south indian film industry, Harris Jeyaraj has a strong place and is steadily climbing the ladder of success. His tunes have proved themselves over and over again and in Bheema too, he has not disappointed his fans.
1) Oka Mukhamu When the song is finished we are quite satisfied and our hand automatically pushes the rewind button to hear it again. The "jagajom jajoom" phrase catches on to you unawares. Krish and Naresh Iyer impress with their dynamic approach to the song. Harris has made sure of the visual recapitulation of Vikram just by listening to the song which is a great achievement for any music director.
2) Paruvapu Vaana This number has the Harris Jeyaraj stamp all over. Over the years, he has made it a habit to come up with simple tunes and beats but strong enough to mesmerize the audience. Hariharan and Mahathi are sure to captivate the listeners. But music lovers will definitely find some similarities from some of the other music compositions and more so a striking resemblance to A.R.Rahman's tune for the movie Kabhie Na Kabhie. Nevertheless the song does leave an impact which matters a lot.
3) Rangu Rangamma A song which leaves a deja vu feel and Kailash Kher does complete justice to this number. Generally known for his pathos numbers, he has tried for a different mood this time and has emerged successful. Kailash should take care of his pronunciation though. Vijay Yesudas and Swarnalatha have done a decent job.This song will strike a chord due to the beat and tempo where the flute is utilized to the optimum.
4) Rahasyapu KalaleClearly the pick of the album. The lyrics are aptly supported by crystal clear rendition of Hariharan and Madhushree. Sure to stay on the top of the charts for a long time. Repeated hearing does only make it better each time which is indicative of a super hit song that impresses you right from the start to the end. A thorough professional use of instruments by Harris Jeyaraj.
5) Kanu ChoopulaThis track would definitely make A.R.Rahman proud. Harris has done an AR and does a good job at that. Superb use of the instruments once again. Karthik and Harini excel in the vocal department. Afghan words sprinkled in the middle of the song are Rahman's forte which has been followed by Harris too but he needs to hone his skills in this department. Still, a very good attempt. This folk-based love song is sure to find patronage after repeated hearings.
6) O ManasaThis song is a slow duet and John Mathew, the new singer has made his debut accompanied by Chinmayi, Sadhna Sargam and Sowmya Rao. The lyricist must have enjoyed his work while writing this song which clearly shows. However, Harris could have used a different path instead of the same one and if the song makes it, it is mainly due to lyrics and rendition.
Overall the music is simply superb and Harris has once again proved his mettle with six numbers which are sure to be lapped up by all the music lovers in the coming months.

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