Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bheemaa Review 1

After 'Maaja' it has been long since vikram's film had hit theaters. Now the veteran hero is back with a bang in his new avatar 'Bheema'- a man known for his great stature and strength!!! After the movie ‘Saamy’, Vikram and Trisha are pairing together for the second time in this flick. The film is being directed by Lingusamy. The enthusiastic director already gave so many hits like Run, Sandakozhi, Deepavali...Though the shooting of the movie started in April 2006 'Bheema' has faced several hurdles for its post production and finally it make into the big screen for this pongal festival.

Story line:
'Bheema' is not a usual gangster story like 'Dhil' or 'Dhool' as everyone expected. It’s about a person who grows up watching a rowdy as his role model. The person here referred was sekar (Vikram) and the rowdy here was chinna (prakashraj). Sekar was the son of a police head constable. From childhood sekar admires closely the lead rowdy of the local called 'chinna' all his mannerism and gestures. When the boy grew up he decides to join the gang of chinna itself. The way he become the member of the gang has been dealt with good screenplay by Lingusamy. After a long gap we can watch raghuvaran on screen. He plays the role of ‘periyavar’ actually he is the villan of the film. He also has his own underworld gang which has worst rivalry over chinna gang from beginning. Clashes between these two gangs were pictured with fierce excitement of pistols and unbelievable chases. Ashish vidhyarthi came as the police commissioner after intermission, the way he traps all the gundas by setting up an operation called ‘Bheema’ how chinna and sekar keeps on escaping from the hands of police was handled cleverly moreover very interestingly by the director. The climax was thrilling to watch as it was not a usual happy ending that one could always expect in most of the Tamil cinemas. In short the film says the man who takes gun in his hand will not think before he act rather decide to kill anyone on his way!!! sometimes the victim may not come in his way even.

Pluses and minuses:
The biggest + for the film is Vikram!!! the actor did all justice to the sekar character he played. It is a tough role --- that one could realize it if they watch the film. Vikram’s hard work must be appreciated. The way he looks in the big screen will make one imagine the Mahabharata bhima itself… hats off Vikram!!! Next + one could notice here is the songs and background music… ‘Mudhal Mazhai’ and ‘orumugamo’ songs were excellent and it is pleasing to hear and exciting to watch it in the theater. Well done Harris again!!! Trisha could have been used little better… one minus thing I noticed here was the song sequence… when a story runs at a fast pace suddenly from some where trisha and a song will come and it makes all screen play abrupt… prakashraj’s magic is too missing in the film some how !!!
Overall ‘Bheema’ is a mass entertainer with all masala ingredients that would definitely satisfies the long awaited hunger of Vikram fans…

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