Friday, December 7, 2007

SUN TV Snaps Bheema

The see-saw battle between Sun TV and the yet to be launched Kalaingnar TV, over Tamil film television rights continues. The latest on the big fight is that Sun TV has snapped Bheema television rights for an astronomical amount.

Bheema is the most eagerly awaited film in the trade after Sivaji and stars Vikram and Trisha, directed by Lingusamy. The film produced by A.M Ratnam was hot in the market and Sun TV who has almost the entire Vikram library of hits like- Anniyan, Maja, Swamy, Pithamahan, Dhool, Sethu and many others were keen to pick up Bheema.
Vikram films on television has been able to garner record TRP’s, and has also a repeat value, which some of the other stars do not have. A.M Ratnam, who had his own battle with Sun TV in the past was able to extract a very good deal from the network. He sold Bheema as a package to Sun TV and its sister network Gemini in Telugu for a price which no Vikram film has got in the past!

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