Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shireen, an upcoming heroine in the Tamil industry, made her presence felt as an item girl in the Vikram-Trisha starrer Bheema, the Telugu version of AM Ratnam's film. The movie is going to be released sometime soon and Shireen was in town recently as part of the movie's promotion. Born to a Persian father and a Telugu mother, she speaks the Chittoor dialect of Telugu perfectly. Shireen is still new to the industry and needs to figure out the difference between a guest role and an item role. Shireen claims that she played a guest role in Bheema. She declares, "I will never do an item song in Telugu. I am ready to do guest roles." Her mom Yashoda too chips in: "Shireen did this guest role (meaning item song) in Bheema out of regard for Ratnam. She will not do the same in Telugu."

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