Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bheema ready to hit theatres soon!!

After the decent showing of his hilarious entertainer Majaa, Vikram is now taking time to set his next, Bheema, rolling. Supposedly an action-filled entertainer, Vikram says, 'Bheema would be a movie for my hard-core fans. Impressive story with pulsation action sequences would be its highlight.' Speaking about Majaa, Vikram says, 'it was not a Vikram's film. It is certainly different from my style. But was a neat entertainer. I don't have any regrets doing such films'. 'It was a conscious decision by me to do such a lighter stuff after a movie like Anniyan where I play everything'. Asked on his proposed remake of Dileep's Chandupootu, Vikram, says, 'yes, I was impressed with the film. A performance -oriented film is Chandupottu. Like Kasi, I believe it would provide me enough scope to act and emote'. But it seems it would have to wait.

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